Silmarillion Character Profile: Idril

One of the most daunting things about reading The Silmarillion is keeping all of the names straight. I love this, so I want to make it more accessible for the general reader with brief character profiles.

  • Name: Idril Celebrindal
  • Immediate Family:
    • Husband: Tuor
    • Son: Eärendil
  • Home: Gondolin
  • Claim to fame: Married a mortal man and gave birth to the savior of Middle-earth
  • Why I think she’s interesting: Ah, I love Idril. So wise and perceptive. I love her quirk of never wearing shoes–and that her feet apparently never got dirty while doing so because why would she have the nickname “Silverfoot” if her feet were always dirty?

Photo Credit: Alex Ristea

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