Children of Húrin Audiobook

The Children of Húrin Narrator: Christopher Lee Year Published: 2007


The Children of Húrin audiobook, unabridged, is read by Christopher Lee. The story is set in the First Age, millennia before the events of The Lord of the Rings. It tells the story of Húrin Thalion, the only man to defy the Dark Lord Morgoth to his face. More specifically, the story follows the tragic life of Hurin’s son Túrin and his daughter Nienor.

Good and Bad

  1. The Children of Húrin
  2. Christopher Lee

I don’t really need to elaborate much more (but I will). Christopher Lee, of course, does an excellent job reading the book–his voice is wonderful. The whole audiobook is a little under eight hours long.

Probably his biggest weakness is women’s voices. He tries to change his pitch but it doesn’t work too well. He’s just too manly, I suppose. I was a little disappointed by his voice for Glaurung, the father of dragons. One of Lee’s strengths is the smoothness of his voice, but he went with a raspier sound for the dragon.

Should You Buy It?

The Children of Húrin audiobook is great for anyone who is familiar with the story. I listened to it during my drive home for Christmas–because what’s more festive than the story of Túrin Turambar, amirite?! Christopher Lee’s soothing voice even kept my cats a little calmer than usual.

If you just finished The Lord of the Rings and you’re looking for your next Tolkien book, this might not be the best choice. While I have no hesitation recommending the audiobook, the story is tragic and depressing. While The Children of Húrin is more approachable than The Silmarillion (in that it’s a continuous story with one hero as opposed to a history book with a serious of major and minor players), it certainly isn’t light-hearted reading. I love it, but I acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone.

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