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The Tolkien fandom is a wonderful place to be. Not only did Tolkien spend decades crafting a deep and wide legendarium (on the level that no single person has ever achieved, before or after), but there are enthusiasts from all walks of life who add their thoughts and knowledge to his works. Despite Tolkien’s death over forty years ago, the fandom is still alive and thriving–possibly more so now than at any time before.

This blog is my humble contribution to the fandom. I’m not a professional scholar, I’m a project manager at a web design and marketing agency. I’m not an literature major, I have a degree in entrepreneurial business. What I am is an enthusiast. I want to grow in my knowledge, understanding, and insight into Tolkien and his works. This blog is my attempt to do so.

In enhancing my own understanding, I hope to (eventually) stimulate conversations with others who are more knowledgeable (and thoughtful) than I am. I would also love to serve as a resource for others who are just beginning their journey to Middle-earth and beyond.

On this day, March 25, the Ring was destroyed and Sauron defeated. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate day to begin

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