Silmarillion Character Profile: Tuor

One of the most daunting things about reading The Silmarillion is keeping all of the names straight. I love this, so I want to make it more accessible for the general reader with brief character profiles.

  • Name: Tuor
  • Immediate Family:
    • Wife: Idril Celebrindal
    • Son: Eärendil
  • Home: Beleriand (Mithrim in his youth, Sirion in his later years)
  • Claim to fame: Some believe that Tuor is the only one of the Secondborn to be counted among the Elves
  • Why I think he’s interesting: Oh, Tuor. Gondolin is one of my favorite threads of Middle-earth, so it’s difficult for me to pick just one thing. How about, he’s the only mortal to want to marry an Elf and the Elf’s father had no issue whatsoever with the union? Yeah, that’s pretty impressive.

Photo Credit: Alex Ristea

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