Silmarillion Character Profile: Beren

One of the most daunting things about reading The Silmarillion is keeping all of the names straight. I love this, so I want to make it more accessible for the general reader with brief character profiles.

  • Name: Beren
  • Immediate Family:
    • Wife: Lúthien Tinúviel
    • Son: Dior Aranel
  • Home: Beleriand
  • Claim to fame: He was the first mortal to marry an immortal Elf, Lúthien. With her help, he stole a jewel from the Morgoth’s crown.
  • Why I think he’s interesting: Lúthien was the most beautiful creature to ever walk Middle-earth. Her dad was basically king of Middle-earth. She could have had pretty much anyone she wanted and yet she chose a mortal man. Beren must have been some guy.

Photo Credit: Alex Ristea

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