Around the Internet: Bizarre Reference to Tolkien

In an article entitled, “The sonogram fairy,” an Oklahoma news publication makes a rather odd (and ignorant) reference to Tolkien.

The article is about a woman who performs high-tech ultrasounds for expectant mothers. The difference is this woman gives a distinct twist to the experience. I’ll let the article speak for itself.

The decor echos a Tolkien fantasy of oversized flowers, fairies peeking from hiding places and toadstools. There is a canopied bed in the middle of the room where expectant mothers not only receive a sonogram but can wear a tiara as they are sprinkled with fairy dust from real life fairy godmother, Sara Riley.

Wut? Tiaras? Fairy dust? I can’t even…

The reference to Tolkien makes it even more laughable, since it’s well known to Tolkien fans that he was decidedly against the diminutive and cute creatures that many moderns associate with fairies.

I just can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than a be-flowered and be-winged middle-aged woman sprinkling me with fairy dust while she rubs a medical device on my exposed navel. But maybe that’s just me.

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