Let’s Play Shadow of Mordor

Tomorrow, September 30, Shadow of Mordor is finally released! As evidenced by my previous posts, Shadow of Mordor: Canon or Not? and Celebrimbor: Who Is he?, I’m excited and interested about the latest game set in Middle-earth.

Video game blogs like Polygon and Joystiq are giving the game great reviews (9.5/10 and 5/5, respectively). This is wonderful, considering how few LotR games get good reviews, let alone outstanding ones. That, coupled with the developers’ measured respect for Tolkien (measured in that they understand that his medium is not theirs), gives me a good feeling about this game.

In fact, it’s given me such a good feeling about the game, that I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before: a Let’s Play for Shadow of Mordor!

My goal with the Let’s Play is twofold:

  1. To allow Tolkien enthusiasts who either don’t have access to the game or are disinclined to play it (because of style, skill level, lack of money, whatever) to experience the game themselves
  2. To provide a more in-depth experience of the game–whether you play it yourself or not–based on my knowledge of Tolkien’s lore

Basically, I will not only play Shadow of Mordor and broadcast my playtime, but I will also provide commentary on the game and how true it really is to Tolkien. I believe this will provide some interesting food for thought, possibly open up some good debate, and maybe even help give people a deeper understanding of Tolkien’s world.

I’ve never done a Let’s Play before, so it may take me some time to figure out the technical details. As of right now, this is my plan:

  • I’ll broadcast live from the Twitch account I just setup
  • After the live broadcast is finished, I’ll upload the videos to my newly-created YouTube account
  • I’ll definitely post links on my Twitter account (which I plan to actually start using now)
  • I may or may not embed the YouTube videos on the blog, as well; we’ll see how that goes

Because the time involved with this will be significant (and because my day job is crazy right now), I’ll have to back off on my regular blog posts for a while. I still plan to keep up with at least the Silmarillion Character Profiles and hopefully an occasional post on something unrelated to Shadow of Mordor. I’m sure that playing the game will prompt some other topics and research ideas for me, so I may try to cover some of that, as well. For those of you who are completely uninterested in the game, I hope I’ll still be able to provide you with enough variety to hold your attention!

As always, I’d love feedback from you, whether that’s in the comments or if you want to contact me directly. I hope this Let’s Play will help to make Tolkien’s lore more accessible!

Photo Credit: ShadowofMordor.com

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