Ridiculous Moments in the Movies: Osgiliath

I love Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films (not trilogy!). However, there are a few moments in the films that are almost laugh-out-loud ridiculous. Depending on my mood, I have to either chuckle or groan when I see them. While no film is perfect, it would be nice if these scenes had been left out–or at least handled in a reasonable manner.

The first majorly ridiculous scene happens towards the end of the second film. It takes place in Osgiliath, the city of Gondor that has been overrun by Sauron’s forces. Can you guess what it is?


At this point, Jackson has spent 5-6 hours building up how fearsome the Ringwraiths are. How they can sense the Ring anywhere, even when it isn’t close. How terrifying the Ringwraiths are.

Heck, Jackson has emphasized the power of the Ring even more. The whole reason Frodo is even in Osgiliath is because Faramir couldn’t resist the lure and power of the Ring.

THEN WHY ON EARTH DID FRODO SURVIVE THIS SCENE? Is the Ringwraith really foiled by Frodo falling down some stairs? Seriously? Or is the Wraith so incapable of sensing the Ring that he just doesn’t know where it went? And then he just gives up?! What about the foul beast? It could definitely smell Frodo and they seemed to have had some intelligence. Wouldn’t it be able to figure out where Frodo went?

The only point of this scene is to build tension, but it does it at great expense. It undermines Frodo’s danger. It undermines the power of the Ringwraiths, and by extension all of the evil characters. It undermines the “character” of the Ring, which Jackson seemed to think was so important. It’s just stupid melodrama for the sake of a few seconds of tension in an already tense scene (people are getting picked up by pterodactyls and dropped from hundreds of feet on stone buildings for goodness’ sake!). You did an awesome job, PJ, but not with this scene.

Photo Credit: Nico Paix

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