Ridiculous Moments in the Movies: Skulls. Skulls Everywhere.

I love Peter Jackson for what he did with the films (at least Lord of the Rings; I’m still on the fence about The Hobbit). Although they’re far from perfect, they’re still pretty darn good. I appreciate his (and his team’s!) almost slavish-attention to detail. He certainly is a passionate guy.

My admiration and respect for him doesn’t mean that I don’t call things as I sees them. And the LotR films certainly offer a lot of ridiculous views.

One utterly ridiculous moment comes in the extended edition of The Return of the King. The otherwise wonderful portrayal of the Paths of the Dead is made a little laughable.

And no, it’s not ComicRelief!Gimli. Poor Gimli.

No, it’s all of those conveniently-placed skulls.

paths-dead-skulls3Just look at them. They keep on coming and coming. How many are there? Certainly thousands.

Why on earth are they there? Did all of the men decide they were going to lie down and die together, just so their severed, decomposed heads could fall on unsuspecting intruders? But then where are the rest of the bones?

Or maybe the Dead decided to put the skulls of their once-living bodies all in one place. Maybe this is their version of The Closet.

Image Credit: Furious Fanboys (Is it just me or is that name a maxymoron?)

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